McMullen & Wing

Father of five Bryan was looking for a career that would support his family and make him happy. He found all that and more at NZ Welding School. He met inspiring tutors, made lifelong friends, and learnt how to do a perfect weld. And now, thanks to the skills and expertise he gained from his Level 3 and 4 studies, Bryan has an awesome job and a future he is excited about.

“Studying at NZ Welding School teaches you everything you need to know,” says Bryan. “You don’t just learn how to do the perfect weld, but you also learn about all the machines and how to set them up.”

Training is delivered by tutors who come direct from industry. They know their stuff and understand what today’s employers need.

“The tutors here have been welding for 15 years plus. There are old men here who have been welding all their lives! It’s good – studying at NZ Welding School helps heaps when it comes to starting your career.”

After graduating from NZ Welding School Bryan was snapped up by McMullen & Wing, a shipyard and boat building company with a stellar reputation not just in New Zealand, but all around the world.

“My job here is as a welder. It’s cool. I get a lot of satisfaction from looking at my welds. I like that you can see the results of your efforts straight away. Sure, it can get a bit repetitive, but I’ve got five kids to support so I wanted to get on a career path. There are heaps of opportunities here.”