Boat Building Trainee
McMullen & Wing

Following in his father’s footsteps was a smart move for Bailley. Not only did it get him off the couch, but it planted his feet firmly on the path to a satisfying and lucrative career.

I didn’t really choose to get into welding. My dad got into it and I just followed him,” says Bailley, who recently graduated with his Level 3 and 4 welding qualifications.

“If I hadn’t followed him I’d still be sitting at home all day doing nothing. I don’t regret it. It’s cool as!”

When Bailley started his NZ Welding School studies he had his sights set on becoming a boilermaker or a boat builder. So when shipyard and boat building company McMullen & Wing offered him a trainee role with potential to secure an apprenticeship, he jumped at the chance.

“Being an apprentice is great because I can learn more while I’m working. It takes a bit of the pressure off. I’m really enjoying working here because I’m always doing something different.”

NZ Welding School was the stepping stone Bailley needed to get started.

“If it wasn’t for the Welding School I wouldn’t be here. In fact I’d probably still be sitting around doing nothing. Study helps heaps when it comes to getting ahead because it sets the pathway. After you finish your studies you know what you are doing. It’s a good confidence boost and you have the piece of paper you need to get a job.”

Despite feeling nervous on his first day, Bailley quickly discovered that life at NZ Welding School was a lot of fun, and surprisingly rewarding.

“It’s not as scary as you think. I learnt to just chill, be myself and enjoy it. I picked up a lot of great skills and really enjoyed the fabrication I got to do there. It’s pretty cool being able to say you made something. And there’s nothing like lifting up that visor and having a look at your weld. Even if it’s not your best work, you can look at what’s wrong with it and do it again – and when you do a really great weld, it gives you such a good feeling!”