Here are some common tickets that you can be trained to do tests for:

AS/NZS 2980: 2007 – Qualification of Welders for Fusion Welding of Steel. Structural Steel Welding including all processes (replaced NZS 4711) – MMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW.

AS/NZS 2980 Appendix F – Stainless Steel Pipe Welding  commonly associated with Food Industry specifically Dairy (replaced NZS  4703).

AS/NZS 1665 – Aluminium Welding primarily used in Structural and Marine welding especially extrusions. Sometimes used in Food Industry as well. GMAW Aluminium, GTAW Aluminium, Pulse and non-pulse processes.

ASME IX – predominantly Pipe Welding involving pressure. Used in Food, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Geothermal industries. Very stringent regulation because standard set by American Society of Mechanical Engineers. WPS is owned by company and each site/ Contractor/Fabricator must have own specific WPS.