The Code of Conduct is intended to set and maintain acceptable standards of behaviour by
the students of Aspire2 Trades. Students are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct and
the Rules of Clinical Practice found within it at all times, along with any other policies and
procedures of Aspire2 Trades outlined in the Student Handbook and other School

The Code of Conducts is as follows:

General Student Rules

The following are general rules and requirements of all students at Aspire2 Trades:

  1. Students enrolled for a course of study must sign a study contract with Aspire2
    Trades, acknowledging that they have read the Aspire2 Trades Code of Conduct and
    have a clear understanding of policy, study expectations, refunds and withdrawals.
  2. Students enrolled for any course of study must sign an Offer of Placement, Public
    Trust contract and Student Attestation Form.
  3. Fees must be paid in full before the beginning of each year unless prior
    arrangements are made with the Chief Executive.
  4. Students are responsible for ensuring that they inform the School of any change of
    their contact details including address, phone number, and email or contact name.
  5. Students must not be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs whilst at
    the School.
  6. Students must ensure that they are able to attend the compulsory workshops to
    which they are allocated.
  7. Students must attend each day of the compulsory workshops from the start to finish
    time, as stated in the workshop timetable.
  8. Students must liaise with School staff, clients and other students in a respectful
  9. Students must behave with respect to the privacy, physical space and cultural
    backgrounds of School staff, clients and other students.
  10. Students must behave with respect in regard to School and student property.
  11. Whilst on Campus students must not make improper use of the internet services
    available to them.
  12. Students must respect confidentiality at all times. This includes during workshops,
    where staff and students may share personal information or client cases. These
    discussions must stay within the classroom. Confidentiality in relation to client cases
    is further detailed in the Clinical Practice Conduct section.
  13. Students must meet the requirements of course assessments.
  14. Students must complete the assessments for each courses of study in the order
    stated in the study schedule.
  15. Students must complete each module before moving into the next module.
  16. Tutors will not mark work that is not of an acceptable standard of presentation
    and/or difficult to read. Where this occurs the assessment will be returned to the
    student unmarked with a statement as to why it is not of an acceptable standard.
  17. An assessment that is marked as ‘not achieved’ must be resubmitted to the School
    within two weeks of the date it was returned to the student, as detailed on the
    resubmission cover sheet. The exception is final year case study booklets, for which
    students have four weeks to rewrite the assessment.
  18. Students must not use or reproduce the information, words or ideas of others, either
    intentionally or unintentionally, without accurate referencing both within the text
    and at the end of the assessment as a reference list. All work is to be referenced
    according to the APA method. Failure to reference is plagiarism, for which students
    can be dismissed from the School.
  19. Students must not falsify data, client records, enrolment forms and/or information
    given in completing an assessment.
  20. Students must remain active in their studies throughout each term, sending in
    completed assessments at least every six weeks. Failure to do so may result in the
    suspension of student allowances (where applicable) and ultimately withdrawal from
    the course.
  21. Students must at all times be honest, giving only true reasons for the failure to
    complete assessments on time or attend workshops.
  22. Students must not cheat in tests and examinations by giving or receiving assistance
    in completing any written test or theory examination. The only allowable exchange is
    in shared study in preparation for the assessment.
  23. All assessment material submitted to ASPIRE2 TRADES must be the student’s own
    words. Students cannot submit the written work of others as their own, or give their
    work to others to submit. Academic dishonesty or misconduct is not acceptable
    student behaviour.
  24. Abide by the rules and procedures in the Student Handbook.

Any breach of the above rules may result in suspension or expulsion from the School. The
procedure for School initiated action on student dishonesty or misconduct as related to the

General Student Conduct Rules above is as follows:

  1. A first offence will result in the School issuing a written warning to the student,
    detailing evidence of the dishonesty or misconduct in question.
  2. The student may respond in writing within 10 days should they dispute the evidence.
  3. If further information is required the student will be contacted by telephone to
    elaborate on specific points in question. Any telephone conversation relevant to the
    issue shall be documented and recorded on file in writing.
  4. Where an explanation given by the student is satisfactory the matter will be dropped
    and the student notified by letter.
  5. Where an explanation is not satisfactory the student will be notified by letter that
    the first warning stands and detailing the possibility of withdrawal should a further
    offense occur.
  6. If a second offense of any kind occurs the issue will be raised with the Chief
    Executive. The student may be withdrawn from their course and subsequent re-
    enrolment refused. Any decision made by the Chief Executive will be final and no
    further correspondence will be entered into. However, each case is considered
    individually dependant on the severity of the unacceptable behaviour.
  7. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the Aspire2 Trades misconduct
    process or if the issue is still deadlocked after two months – the student can lodge a
    complaint with NZQA.