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Hands-on, practical training

Aspire2 Trades, owned by Aspire2 Group Limited are committed to creating courses and programmes that will deliver measurable, practical skills for our students that create future opportunities.

We want to ensure our students are employable and are employed – and are committed to this through our Aspire2 Work service.

Aspire2 Work is dedicated to building meaningful relationships with employers to understand what they are looking for in our students when they graduate. In turn, the Aspire2 Work programme is committed to ensuring the students are well-equipped with the practical skills to move in to the workforce with the training and soft skills employers are asking for.


Aspire2 Group Limited comprises five New Zealand based private tertiary education and training groups made up of twelve Private Training Establishments (PTEs). New Zealand Welding School and Cornerstone Education are NZQA registered PTEs which are a part of Aspire2 Group Limited.

Aspire2 Trades campus delivers programmes accredited by NZQA to both New Zealand Welding School and Cornerstone Education. Students are enrolled into programmes accredited to the relevant PTE and hence students of that PTE.

Aspire2 Trades provides the forum to deliver all trades related programmes of various PTEs in the Aspire2 Group.

NZQA approval and programme accreditation information of the PTEs delivering programmes at this campus can be found here: